Making refuse management work smooth and swift,
various related systems are available.

  • Weighing System

    Weighing System

  • Kitchen Refuse Chilled Room

    Kitchen Refuse Chilled Room

  • Melting Machine for Styrofoam

    Melting Machine for Styrofoam

  • Can Press

    Can Press

  • Hydraulic Press

    Hydraulic Press

  • Refuse Bin

    Refuse Bin

  • Refuse Bin

    Refuse Bin

  • Carrying Cage

    Carrying Cage

Application for Commercial Building

Un-managed waste often causes trouble with adjoining building or private house due to bad odor and/or generation of vermin. J-DRUM can splendidly work out such trouble. It, therefore, is most useful for such users who want to give people clean and hygienic image and strongly hate trouble with people, e.g. department stores, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Application for Commercial Building

Introducing J-DRUM machine into the residential building, a full-time caretaker becomes un-necessary and the environmental condition of the building will be kept clean and neat.