Option of Inlet System

Standard Type
Bucket Type
Wall Mount Bucket Type (for Residential Complex)
Automatic Bin Lifter & Turn Over System

Being set to a designated position, a refuse bin is automatically lifted and turned over and refuse in the bin is thrown into J-DRUM.

Revolver Type Inlet System (Low Inlet Gate)

With the low inlet gate, steps or staircase are not required to throw refuse into J-DRUM.Since the revolving system is a slim unit, no complicated work is requested.

Option of Discharging System

Standard Chute Type
Straight Belt Conveyor Type
90° ‹ Belt Conveyor Type

Option of Main body movement

Extend & Retract System

In case of geographical restriction for access of RCV, J-DRUM can be extended and retracted by this system. This system is practical and applicable for underground car park, etc.

Option of Deodorant System

Standard Type
Deodorant Mist Spray Unit
Activated Carbon
Deodorant Unit

Absorbing odor in the body, the activated carbon kills odor.

Activated Carbon and
Ozone Deodorant Unit

With combination of the activated carbon deodorant unit and ozone generating unit and blower, odor is killed further effectively.

Application for Commercial Building

Un-managed waste often causes trouble with adjoining building or private house due to bad odor and/or generation of vermin. J-DRUM can splendidly work out such trouble. It, therefore, is most useful for such users who want to give people clean and hygienic image and strongly hate trouble with people, e.g. department stores, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Application for Commercial Building

Introducing J-DRUM machine into the residential building, a full-time caretaker becomes un-necessary and the environmental condition of the building will be kept clean and neat.